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Future Trends in Data

at 19:00

This will be the first DATA TUESDAY in 2014! Wohoooo! New Year, New Chances, New Challenges! We hope you had a good welcome party for this 2014 that has already begun! Main TOPICS on this first Data meetup of the year: Legal and political environment impacting Big Data & Open Data The impact of new computing resources like GPU's on Big Data The convergence and...

Pol Ruiz

Playfulbet Business Case

by Pol Ruiz (@polprc)
at 07:00

Playfulbet has managed to multiply by 15 its number of users in 3 months, implementing a completely disruptive and innovative marketing strategy, whose base is the traditional affiliate marketing. They have now surpassed the 700K users, making it one of the star Facebook apps of 2014. In this itnig friday, Pol Ruiz, founder & CEO at Playfulbet will talk about the evolution ...

Pau Ramon

Essentials Every Non-Technical Person Need To Know To Build The Best Tech-Team

by Pau Ramon (@masylum)
at 19:00

This talk is a special one, because it’s an event within the Fest-UP!, the first-ever Barcelona’s Startup Festival that is happening in town this week. And for this special occasion, our guest is also special! Pau Ramon will share with us his mistakes and learnings as CTO at Redbooth. His insights can be really helpful for all of us, not only for people that want to build a technical t...

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Second Bitcoin Meetup

Wanna meet other Bitcoin lovers? Come to our offices and share your cryptocurrency knowledge in the 2nd Bitcoin Meetup, organized by the ...

Barcelona Bitcoin Community

Mobile Marketing: Current Status & Trends

According to a recent study by the Telefonica Foundation, we check our mobile phone about 150 times a day. For quite a long time already, the ...

Picnic4Working by ATI
Gemma Escribano

Wallapop Business Case

by Gemma Escribano

Wallapop is a mobile fleamarket. Download the app and in seconds you can be buying & selling nice things in your neighbourhood. And do you ...

itnig fridays

Legal Wednesday with Axel Serena, CEO at Vittalia & Business Angel

Axel Serena is an experienced entrepreneur, co-founder at Grupo Intercom, where companies like Softonic and Infojobs were born. He is also a bus...

Legal Wednesday

Barcelona NEXT

What's NEXT? NEXT is a program that helps committed and promising early stage startups to find the path to product market fit and ...

Barcelona NEXT Programme!
Pablo Mancía

Legal Issues to Start a Business in Spain

by Pablo Mancía

Barcelona is a very interesting place to establish a business activity. There is a solid entrepreneurial ecosystem, where you can find skilled ...

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