Neo4j Tutorial


The adoption of graph databases is growing rapidly, as applications are managing higher amounts of deeper connected data every day. Graph databases enable developers to leverage these connections at scale.

1. What is this workshop about?

In this workshop you will learn the basics about the Neo4j graph database. We will walk you through some key aspects of graph databases, discuss about data modeling and get to know the basics of Neo4j. We will also do some hands-on practice with the Cypher query language.

2. In this workshop you will learn:

  • Introduction to the Neo4j graph database
  • Fundamentals of graph modeling
  • Hands-on practice with the Cypher query language
  • Opportunity to consult about possible implementations of your applications

After attending this workshop, you will walk away with the necessary skills to start developing apps using the Neo4j graph database.

This workshop is aimed at developers using any language or framework. No previous knowledge of NoSQL databases is required.

3. Prereqs & Preparation

Please bring your laptop. You may want to install Neo4j, but it's not required.

4. Schedule: 2pm to 6pm.

This is a workshop held by GrapheneDB and hosted by itnig

Alberto Perdomo

Alberto Perdomo (@albertoperdomo)

Alberto Perdomo is co-founder and CEO of GrapheneDB, a managed hosting service for Neo4j.

Alberto is also co-founder of Aentos, a software development boutique that helps entrepreneurs developing web and mobile apps. He has been doing web development since 2005, mostly in Ruby.

friday, september 13, 2013
Itnig offices:Carrer Àlaba 61, 5-2
Language: English

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