This will be the first DATA TUESDAY in 2014! Wohoooo! New Year, New Chances, New Challenges! We hope you had a good welcome party for this 2014 that has already begun!

Main TOPICS on this first Data meetup of the year:

  • Legal and political environment impacting Big Data & Open Data
  • The impact of new computing resources like GPU's on Big Data
  • The convergence and divergence in the noSQL/SQL field
  • Data visualization in augmented reality

This meetup will set the trends of the year. Don't miss it!


> From farm to plate, an overview of culinary creations from an information design perspective" by Alberto Gonzalez, Data Scientist at Bestiario

> Talk by Gpu2Go, a french startup offering massive to crunch massive data sets on arrays of GPU.

April 22, 2014

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