Database of Things - Couchbase Mobile


In this Couchbase meetup, Philipp Fehre from Couchbase will talk about Couchbase Mobile:

"The world’s great thinkers have been promising us the dream of a connected fridge for what seems like an eternity. “Big Fridge” refuses to play ball, however.

Taking the task into our own hands, we have created an intelligent fridge using nothing other than a somewhat-adequate barcode scanner, a Raspberry Pi, a portable refrigerator and a dose of Couchbase Mobile."

In this talk, Philipp will show us how Couchbase Mobile, a 500 Kb library for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and the JVM, lets us build an app that syncs to and from our fridge to a shopping list app on mobile devices. Take that major fridge manufacturers!

Couchbasers in town, you can’t miss this talk! Join us on Friday, September 12 at itnig!