UX Design Together


For this evening, and because we needed to get ready in advance, we went ahead and chose a topic: Personas as a tool to design interfaces.

We will present two different made up products (online organic grocery shopping and bike and bike parts online shopping), each of which has two made up personas.

We will choose one of them and divide the group in two: half will design to one persona and the other to the other persona.

After 45 minutes of group hands on activity, we will talk about what a persona is, how to create them, advantages and limitations, how we've used them in our daily work and what obstacles we have found in the work, in the teams and with clients"...

Entrance will be 3€, beers will be free after that. And a chance to get a bit of UX socialising in the new year.


UXbcnMeetup is back and under new - partially old! - organisation. We are a group of experienced, Barcelona-based UX designers and researchers and will carry on doing good work to share the UX love in 2015.

If you liked the interaction design workshops we had last year, please come back for more. We will also have talks and book discussions, all with the awesome goal for getting better at what we do, together.