Hello everybody!

We are happy to announce that DataBeers is coming to BCN. Our first event will be on Thursday, March 19th.

We have the honor to start with 4 talks, while enjoying a few beers:

- “MetaDataBeers” with Dani Villatoro from BBVA Data Analytics - @dani_agent

- “Publicity Effective AwaReness Campaigns. 1st prize BBVA Innova Challenge Mx” with David Solans from Centre Innovació i Tecnoglogia, UPC

- “Alea iacta est! Understanding the dynamics of Roman economy using Monte Carlo simulations” wtih Xavier-Rubio Campillo, researcher at Barcelona Supercomputing Center - @xrubiocampillo

- “Simple viz, complex analysis” with Oscar Marín from Outliers.Collective- @oscarmarinmiro

Join us! And don’t forget to let your data-friends know!

March 19, 2015

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