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The next round Jordi Romero, former VP of Business Development at Redbooth will share his experience:

CUSTOMERS GO FIRST. Many entrepreneurs, technologists and product managers will nod upon hearing this universal business truth. Customers are the reason businesses exist, by adopting and paying for a company’s product or service.

How do we successfully listen to our customers, quantitatively measure their satisfaction, the positive (or negative) impact of our actions, and grow the value of our business? That’s the topic of this session. We’ll see examples of how to use Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction Score, Churn messages and other tools to listen to our customers successfully.

Oh, and as important… we’ll also discuss when to NOT listen to our customers, or when do we need to become innovators and invest in the customers of the future.

#Product Management, #Customer Success, #Strategy

Come and join us for a good discussion and some ice cold La Brava beers! :)

November 17, 2016

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