Migrating from Angular to Vue.js (And why not choose React)


Hey all! 

It's time for another front-end meetup! 

This time we're lucky to have with us the Web Lead @Glovo, Adrian Latorre, that will talk about how they migrated from Angular to Vue (and why they didn't choose React):

"Here at @Glovo we have a very extended stack across all of our platforms. Our website was done in AngularJS + NodeJS but due to performance and different problems, it was time to make a change. ReactJS was the main candidate until a new challenger appeared: VueJS. 

This is our journey of migrating our site, from Angular to Vue (and why not React), from ES5.1 to ES6, from Gulp to Webpack and from a mess to a decent architecture."


As always there will be room for discussion and we'll share some cold La Brava beers!