Factorial is an HR and Payroll SaaS platform. The HR space for SMBs is massively outdated and the moving to the cloud is already inevitable. The problem we tackle is huge: every employee in the world needs a payroll service. That service is today run by labor advisors that use email, excel, notebooks and on-premise tools from the 90’s to manually generate payslips. As product people, we feel the urge to solve this massive problem and offer an end to end solution that takes the administrative mess away from HR and provides managers with real time information on their teams.

We are looking for a Growth Manager. A startup person, flexible and eager to learn and grow to and over the sky. Responsible for lead generation marketing in direct collaboration with content, product and sales teams. Reporting to the Chief Strategy Officer.


Not long experience required, though we require some or all of the following skills:

  • Creative and business oriented. Idea generator, risk taker.
  • Talented, energetic, ambitious and curious.
  • Master at experimenting and making mistakes (while fastly learning from them)
  • Clear northstar on LTV:CAC
  • Strong focus on SEO/organic/efficient growth, on-page and off-page
  • Previous experience in managing performant Google AdWords campaigns
  • Google Analytics and BI tools
  • Some degree of expertise doing paid campaigns at Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Youtube, remarketing and display
  • Has previously created, maintained and grown a Youtube channel
  • Managed a CRM and lead nurturing marketing
  • Managed Wordpress, and landing page generators
  • Good at empirical, quantitative learning through A/B testing
  • Proficient in English and Spanish languages.


Additionally, we are part of the Itnig ecosystem, which means you’ll be interacting with all kinds of entrepreneurs and startups, and participating in joint conferences, office parties, and more. Itnig is a venture builder with other rapidly growing startups such as Camaloon and Quipu.

It is an excellent place to learn from other talented professionals, have interesting discussions and knowledge exchanges, and debate different solutions to problems shared among all the startups.

Itnig organizes activities to bridge and exchange know-how between the different teams and make the most for everyone. Plus, we organize workshops, talks, conferences, and all kinds of after-work activities.

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Growth Marketing Manager

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