Marketer / Brand Builder


Are you a real marketer? Are you solid in positioning, product, brand building? Do you understand numbers but excel at generating great ideas? Do you have a solid foundation? Keep reading

You are:

You are solid. Really solid. You talk Kotler. You love mathematics

You get things done. You find ways to execute fast. Excuses do not make great companies

You understand the client and imagine the future. You have ideas. You put numbers to it. You love numbers. You love playing with numbers

You can´t stop thinking about reaching more clients. You have ideas. You execute ideas

You are obsessed over anticipating needs, products, services. You question things. You understand trends. You want to create the future

You breathe marketing 24x7. You read marketing 24x7

About yourself:

You work hard. We mean really hard. And then keep working hard. Career comes first

You want to grow. You want to be in a company that grows. You work hard to grow

You get things done. You are a doer. A fast doer. You don´t say tomorrow

You are a team player.

You learn and you make mistakes and then learn again

Camaloon is international e-commerce based in Barcelona that allows the customization of an almost unlimited quantity of products (bags, notebooks, cups, key chains, badges, stickers, magnets, t-shirts ...) for companies and individuals.

The vast majority of our products are produced, customized and shipped from our factory worldwide.

We are a company with a young and versatile team with a clear international focus and our mission is to inspire our customers to create unforgettable products.

Camaloon is one of the ITNIG's fast-growing companies such as Factorial, Quipu, Parkimeter and others. It is a great place to learn from ridiculously talented professionals, where we have interesting discussions and debates about different solutions to similar problems in all new businesses.

We don't want to add any formal requirements (like X years of experience with whatever), except that you need to add unicorn emoji to the end of your application form to confirm that you've read everything carefully and you have the attention to detail.

Marketer / Brand Builder