Head of Marketing


What we are looking for:

A smart, highly energetic, self confident and hard working Head of Marketing ready to move to the next level

  1. You work really hard and you are extremely demanding with yourself and then your team
  2. You love marketing and have a tremendous market and product feel
  3. You understand the client, different targets and how to effectively reach them

You do not make excuses. You and your team deliver. You want to work in a high growth startup. You are ready to take decisions and do whatever it takes


  1. Provide leadership to the Marketing department
  2. Product positioning
  3. Ensure that market needed products and services are introduced and delivered effectively, efficiently and consistently
  4. Set the right pricing and promotion strategy
  5. Sift through marketing data to identify the important market trends
  6. Make sure that the businesses marketing communications promote the right message
  7. Work closely with the sales department to align sales and marketing strategies
  8. Manage marketing budget
  9. Build, manage and coach a high-performing marketing Team

Who you are:

  1. Problem solver, this will be a big part of the job, so the ability to think on your feet is a must.
  2. Ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams
  3. SEO and PPC experience
  4. Content creation experience

What we offer:

- A lifetime ticket to a leading position in a growing company

- A unique culture that values people and promotes unlimited growth

- Market competitive compensation

Head of Marketing