Frontend Developer (Office/Remote) - Camaloon


At Camaloon we’re looking for a new developer to join our team.

Even considering that Camaloon is not a small startup anymore, we’re still trying to stay nimble in terms of our processes with a minimum of bureaucracy and legacy habits.

Current challenges

A lot of e-commerce websites are selling finished goods. Camaloon is different: we’re allowing our customers to customize things. That is where all challenges start: from defining data models and domain concepts to designing and implementing user-facing parts like interactive design builders. Or maybe creating internal tools that our salespeople can use. Even sometimes optimizing things for our factory. Because, you know, we have our own factory.

What you will be doing every day if you join us

  • work in 3 or 6-weeks cycles where you inside the team of two developers and designer would bring ideas from the definition to reality (read more about that:
  • being part of an autonomous team gives you not only freedom but a responsibility to measure the impact of the features you’re working on
  • helping to form the solution and the spec by talking to the stakeholders. Understanding the real ‘why’ and sometimes ignoring the ‘how’.
  • giving feedback about the process. We believe that the whole team is responsible for shaping the processes not only the managers
  • helping team-mates to grow professionally and receiving the same help from them

We don’t want to add any formal requirements (like 5-7 years of experience with whatever), except that you need to add meat on bone emoji to the end of your application form to confirm that you've read everything carefully. We also want to be honest: for now we're not looking for junior profiles. So, come talk to us and see if Camaloon is a good fit for you!

Our tech stack
We use Ruby on Rails (almost migrated to 6.x) on the backend with PostgreSQL being the main data storage.

The frontend is currently split into two parts:

  • the cool and shiny stack of 2014: CoffeeScript and Angular 1.x
  • the cool and shiny stack of nowadays: Latest ES + React 16 + GraphQL

Obviously, every day the % of the first one shrinks and the second one grows. But we want to honestly describe the position, so it is true that sometimes you will need to touch the older stack (at least once — to remove it).

Perks & Benefits

Salary from 40000 up to 50000 euro/annually gross (but it is not a hard fork)
Relocation Package/Visa Sponsorship if you decide to move to Barcelona
Subsidized Health Insurance
Subsidized Gym Membership with Andjoy
Office location in Barcelona City Centre
Ping pong championships - we have our ping pong table at the office!
Offices breakfast on Tuesdays
Summer BBQs, Volleyball tournaments, and fall parties
Afterwork Beers
Tech, Marketing and Sales events, and workshops on site

Frontend Developer (Office/Remote) - Camaloon