Product Marketing Manager

At Factorial, we're looking for a Product Marketing Manager to help us bring our products up to 9 markets.

About Factorial 🚀

Our vision is to help small and medium companies to automate company workflows and put people at the center of the organizations to make better business decisions. We currently serve +8.000 customers in over 60 countries with a super talented team of +900 people.

The Role 💻

As a Product Marketing Manager, you’ll lead a team of Product Marketers to define the GTM strategy of Factorial’s products. You’ll work closely with Sales, Marketing, Customer Experience, and Product to launch and iterate our product in different countries.

On a more detailed basis, you’ll work on the definition and execution of the different phases of the GTM, including market discovery, collecting prospects and customer pains, defining the packaging & pricing structure, and launching new products. Also, you’ll work with other teams to align the different necessities of the GTM, like training programs, sales materials, marketing campaigns, product roadmap, etc.

As Product Marketing Manager, you’ll report to the Director of Growth to work directly on Factorial’s business plan to achieve the overall goals.

Requirements 📄

Independently of the requirements, we encourage you to apply if you are interested in the position. The list below it's just a starting point of our conversations, but that doesn't mean we won't hire you if you don't have one of the skills. We hire for talent.

You're a good fit if...

  • You have +5 years of experience working on Marketing or Product teams for B2B companies.
  • You have experience working in the definition and execution of GTM strategies to launch new products.
  • You know how to run market research and competitor analysis to be always up to date with new trends to detect market opportunities.
  • You know how to collect, automatize and generate insights about prospects and customer pains to help the Product team make decisions toward the roadmap.
  • You have experience aligning product value propositions to define the packaging strategy.
  • You understand the importance of economics to define the pricing strategy and take the maximum value of it.
  • You understand the basics of Product to influence roadmap decisions through good insights about the market, prospects, and customers.
  • You understand the basics of Marketing to define the different touch points of an acquisition funnel for new products.
  • You understand the basics of a business plan and a funnel to make decisions at different stages.
  • You have experience working cross-team to align multiple people towards a common GTM strategy in different projects.
  • You have strong communication skills. Also, you can speak and write in English fluently.
  • You feel comfortable working in a fast and changing environment.

You have a plus if...

  • You have experience working in multi-country GTM strategies.
  • You have experience working with BI tools to consume different information.
  • You have experience defining product-led growth initiatives to launch new products.
  • You have experience working on Customer Marketing opportunities to launch new products.

Compensation 💰

At Factorial, we have a policy of public salaries for each position independent of the location. However, we don’t have a well-defined career path yet for Product Marketing. We’ll set you an offer based on your experience and expectations. Also, you’ll be part of the Phantom Shares program.


Perks of being part of our team:

  • High growth, multicultural and friendly environment 💪
  • We are flexible with remote work 🏡
  • Flexible schedules ⏰
  • Continuous training and learning based on your needs 📚
  • Alan private health insurance 🏥
  • Healthy life with Gympass (Gyms, pools, outdoor classes) 🏃
  • Save expenses with Cobee 💸
  • Language classes with Yolk Academy & Factorial Language exchange 💬
  • Get the most out of your salary with Payflow 💰

And when at the office:

  • Breakfast in the office and organic fruit 🍏
  • Syra and ApetEat discounts 🍱
  • Free caffeine and theine ☕️
  • Pet Friendly 🐶

Don't miss out the opportunity to be part of the Factorial team ❤️ !


Product Marketing Manager