Sales, PR & comunity manager

Hola! 👋🏽

We are looking for a salesperson for Itnig Coworking! We are looking for an incredibly energetic, eager-to-grow and learn person to board our ship and help us conquer the world. She/he will be in charge of growing our business, and creating leads and sales.

About us 🤓

Itnig is a coworking space, located in 22@, ,Barcelona. Currently is known by all the startups community they hold. We are opening a new coworking space.

Our Mission 🚀

To offer a working space where people can feel free, creative, and productive.

The Role 

Itnig is a very small team so we all have many hats. You will be the face of Itnig: Your responsibilities would be sales, marketing, and community. But your main goal and focus will be sales: to close contracts with startups and freelance of coworking, private offices, and event space services. Doing the whole path of the sales: from the marketing, and outbound til closing the deal. There is not a sales team. This position is new and before it was being covered by all the team. Since we are opening a new space we need someone to focus on this and to boost our sales.

What will I be doing? 👀

  • Creating a growth plan, that can include from marketing and SEO til closing the deals.
  • Prospecting and strategizing to find the best leads. Search for new clients (Outbound).
  • Be the community manager of our coworking: Build, engage, and develop top-quality relationships with our coworkers, through regular communication, and constant and proactive improvement and effective action plans.
  • Establish and regularly conduct high-level negotiating with C-Level Executives.
  • Provide reliable and accurate forecasts of revenue achievement!
  • Be the RRPP of our coworking space and help us to create a real community.
  • Help us to sell and organize all the events we do at our coworking



  • We don't require experience in sales, but someone very ambitious and eager to learn.
  • Fearless to pick up the phone and speak with a prospect
  • You are part of the entrepreneur ecosystem of Barcelona
  • Strong verbal and writing communication skills
  • You like making things easier for customers and colleagues. If there’s a roadblock, you want to smooth it away!
  • Located in Barcelona.
  • Spanish & English
  • Ambitious, self-motivated but team worker, energetic and positive thinker (eyes on the bright side!)
  • Crush your goals and have fun while doing it!
  • Starting at : January2024

Perks of being part of our team 😏

  1. High growth, multicultural and friendly environment 🤝🏽
  2. Flexible schedules! ⏰
  3. Breakfast in the office and organic fruit 🍏
  4. Discounts at our cafeteria❗
  5. Free caffeine and theine ☕
  6. Pet Friendly 🐶and
Sales, PR & comunity manager
Itnig coffice SL