Community and office manager

Hello! πŸ‘‹πŸ½

We are looking for an office manager for Itnig to manage one of our offices!

About us πŸ€“

Itnig is a coworking space, located in Barcelona, and focused in startups! We are located in 22@, Barcelona.

The Role

Your Mission

To have the office properly working and everything under control while building a close-knit community and retaining 3,000 sqm long-term clients.

What will I be doing? πŸ‘€

  • Be the face of the coworking space. You will be managing one of our offices of around 3,000 sqm .
  • Onboard and welcome to new coworkers
  • Being in charge of the good image of the space.
  • Be in charge of the maintenance and reparations of the office.
  • Be in charge of all the operations and day-to-day of the office: canteens, benefits, meeting rooms, event room, cleaning, ecc.
  • Managing everything from the front desk
  • Solving all the problems that happen in the day-to-day attending to everybody in the office.
  • Organizing internal events ( weekends, afternoons)
  • Help with the sales and do coworking tours for sqm long-term people interested in the coworking.
  • Support to the events


  • English & Spanish
  • You love talking and being with people. You're a people person.
  • Service vocation. Like to help everybody.
  • Tecnical mind.
  • Super active. You will be walking all day around the office.
  • Great multitasker and know how to prioritize.
  • Problem-solving oriented.
  • Love to come to the office every day. (This can not be remote work)
  • Flexible shift. Availability to work evenings (if there is an activity, event or emmergency). Most events and afterworks are in the afternoon.

Perks of being part of our team 😏

  1. High growth, multicultural and friendly environment 🀝🏽
  2. Breakfast in the office and organic fruit 🍏
  3. Syra discounts ❗
  4. Free caffeine and theine β˜•
  5. Pet Friendly 🐢retaining
Community and office manager
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