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About Us:

At Itnig every week we interview CEOs of startups such as Glovo, Nothing, Vicio, among others. On youtube we have more than 40,000 subscribers and we want to expand our knowledge to all those entrepreneurs who have a business or want to have one, who like Venture Capital and the tech world.

Itnig is an ecosystem of tech startups from Barcelona, creators of Factorial, Quipu, among others. We do events where many people attend to discuss business and technology.

At Itnig, we're searching for our next Video Content Creator to take charge of the two primary domains within the Media team: Design & Films. If you're deeply passionate about recording videos for the greatest startups in Barcelona, possess unwavering organization skills and are a born leader, then you're in the right place! Keep reading, because this opportunity is for you!

Key Responsibilities:

- Record and produce engaging podcasts.

- Film captivating videos.

- Create dynamic spots and commercials.

- Edit content tailored for social media.

- Bonus points for proficiency in Motion Graphics.

- Lead live events and streaming broadcasts.

- Actively manage our social media community.


- A burning passion for startups and business ventures.

- Availability on Thursdays during the afternoon (13:30 - 20:30).

- Native Spanish speaker (English proficiency is a plus).

- A natural problem solver.

- Enthusiastic about working in our office environment.

Desired Skills:

In addition to your core competencies, we highly value:

- Design proficiency.

- Organizational skill.

- Exceptional writing abilities.

- Knowledge of investments, startups, and venture capital.

What's in it for You?

- Flexible working hours. 🕒

- Professional growth in a vibrant work atmosphere. 🤝🏽

- Enjoy office breakfasts and organic fruits. 🍏

- Exclusive discounts at Itnig Café.❗

- Complimentary coffee and tea in our offices. ☕

- We're pet friendly! 🐶

Join us in making a lasting impact on the world of innovation! We look forward to receiving your application.

Video Content Creator
Itnig Solutions