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We connect sellers, buyers and third parties while we offer a much quicker, flexible and digital alternative to the traditional commercial real estate market. We are the bridge between sellers and those buyers who are waiting for profitable opportunities. Our specialization is in distressed assets which we convert into fresh newly-refurbished properties. 

Our philosophy

We believe that every property deserves a second chance, that’s why we connect citizens with the properties that best suit their needs. 

Our pillars:

Digitalization: Through technology, we digitalize the real estate sector to paperwork, intermediaries and bureaucratic procedures making transactions easier and faster. 

Commitment: Make your life easy! We take care of the whole process from start to finish. 

Efficiency: Using Big Data we integrate all the necessary information to go through all the steps in the transaction. We sell properties in only 57 days. 

Social impact: We create an impact through the way people live (sustainability), work (social economy) and enjoy (social well-being) through our refurbished spaces. 

Our story

In 2019, the Founders of Brickbro, Guillermo Preckler and Carolina Santa Cruz, detected a big opportunity in the commercial real estate market. The e-commerce boom had left many empty and useless premises behind. Two of the main problems in this niche were liquidity and transaction complexity. Many players had tried to find a solution to these problems. However, it was impossible to find a platform where the actual transaction could be done quickly and easy. That is why they decided to create Brickbro.

Thanks to a pre-seed investment round of funding and a small but strong team, Brickbro managed to close more than 40 operations with an average term per operation of 4’5 months compared to the usual 7 months that are usually spent in the real estate market to complete a whole commercial transaction including refurbishing or transformation.

In 2020, Covid boost e-commerce effects on commercial properties leaving an extra 30% of commercial premises and offices vacant in large and small cities. This created a great opportunity for Brickbro to add value to these properties being able to offer its value proposition in new asset verticals and to a wider public, both b2c and b2b.

That’s how Brickbro managed to close a €1 million investment round for scaling the business up, digitizing more parts of the process and taking the team to the next level. Brickbro has now more than 500 assets on sale in its platform worth 100 million euros and the average term per operation is 57 days, offering a wide variety of products and services related to the transaction such as technical licenses, refurbishing and mortgages.