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Hireflix started in 2018 by Nacho Gonzalez Barros, serial entrepreneur and founder of many successful businesses including Infojobs, Niumba, Mailtrack, etc. Hireflix aims to streamline the recruitment process of SMB’s, by allowing the company to pre-record an interview and to easily share it with the candidates. Once responses come, the company can then easily review and share the videos to complete the process.      The world is shifting to remote and geographic boundaries are shrinking year after year. Still, asynchronous video interviewing is far from widely understood. Hireflix wants to fix that. Asynchronicity exponentiates the value a recruiter can provide, allows for smooth handling of cross-time zone hiring and it is a way for companies to showcase themselves in their best light to candidates. With Hireflix, recruiters don’t have to repeat the same company pitch to each candidate, which also allows the company to interview more candidates, and hence brings a more fair and equal opportunity for all. Lastly, Hireflix forces the company to deliver an interview in a “structured” manner (same questions for each candidate), which predicts a role fit 74% more effectively than unstructured ones.

Founded in 2018