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Founded in 2019, Kubbo is a startup that offers the best and fastest delivery experience to eCommerce thanks to powerful technology and a managed network of urban fulfillment centers strategically located to bring online stores’ inventory closer to their customers.  Kubbo is building this project with the goal to delight its customers with world-class delivery experiences.   

Autumn 2019 – The Beginning

Autumn of 2019 marks the first steps of Kubbo, an ambitious project with the aim to build and manage a global network of urban fulfillment centers to empower e-commerce businesses with world-class last mile logistic services while enabling ultra-fast deliveries to their consumers.  The project started with its two founders Eric Daniel and Victor García envisioning a new model of managing logistics operations for the business, allowing them to successfully adapt to the new market trends and consumer demands through a high-powered technology solution, Kubbo.   

Winter 2019 – Operations start in Barcelona

Kubbo starts developing its operations and further improving its product with its first urban fulfillment center located in Barcelona. The start of the operations is also characterized by new incorporations to the team, to especially focus on technology and the improvement of Kubbo’s product.   

January 2020 – Kubbo opens a new Urban Fulfillment Center

With the opening of Kubbo’s newest Urban Fulfillment Hub, Kubbo increases its strategic location in Barcelona, to allow same-day deliveries and further increase its clients’ ability to be closer to their customers’ location.   

February 2020 – Building the Team

Kubbo increased its presence in sales and marketing with new joiners to further boost its sales activity. Kubbo continued operating with various eCommerce during the first months of 2020, offering Next-Day, Same-Day and Ultra-Fast delivery experiences to its customers. The community of Kubbers continued to take form.   

March 2020 – PcComponentes Startup Booster: Kubbo selected as the winner

At the beginning of February of 2020, Kubbo was selected as the winner of this first edition of PcComponentes Startup Booster competing with more than 70 other startups, which marked a very important step in the validation and recognition of the business model build in Kubbo for the empowerment of eCommerce fulfillment operations.   

March 2020 – Retail Tech Awards: Kubbo selected as finalist and obtains the second prize

On the 25th of February, Kubbo was announced as one of the seven finalists for the Retail Tech Awards. After being selected as a finalist, Kubbo is awarded the second prize in the second edition of this event organized by the EGI Group. This event recognizes the best start-up projects in the eCommerce and retail technology field.   

April 2020 – Kubbo closes its first funding round with 266 000€

At the end of April 2020, Kubbo supplier of fulfillment solutions and Next-Day and Same-Day deliveries for eCommerce, announces the closing of its first funding round for a total amount of 266.000€. Itnig, Aurorial (PcComponentes VC’s), and Successful Ventures join Kubbo as top-tier investors.   

April 2020 – New collaborations and focus on geographic expansion

After the closing of the first funding round, Kubbo who had at the time several urban fulfillment centers to provide its services started to focus on its geographic expansion to 6 different capitals of the province in Spain as well as starting to plan the internationalization of its operations. Next to the geographic expansion goal, Kubbo also experienced a notable increase in the number of customers and the number of managed orders.

Founded in 2019