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VASQUIAT is a pioneering international fashion marketplace where next season’s collections are available for trendsetters to discover and pre-order at exclusive prices. Founded in  Barcelona by Spanish influencer and Stylist Blanca Miró and entrepreneur Rafa Blanc, VASQUIAT is the first online platform where you can pre-order next season’s collections with up to 40% off. VASQUIAT sells to more than 40 countries worldwide with more than 80% of sales coming from Europe. VASQUIAT believes sales are redundant and the discounts are now for those who anticipate by buying early. VASQUIAT has created a trend hub where the future of fashion is presented, tested, and accessible to a community of fashion-forward individuals.  


VASQUIAT is dedicated to creating a community of fashion-conscious individuals where the members feel empowered by their style choices. The goal is to bring a new sustainable approach by cleansing the garment cycle of unnecessary steps created by overproduction and providing a place where exclusive prices come to those willing to take a risk.

VASQUIAT believes the current fashion cycle is flawed and a revolution is needed. With up to 30% of clothes produced worldwide which are never sold, the fashion industry is in crisis. By reversing the shopping cycle, simultaneously making fashion more sustainable, VASQUIAT rewards consumers who anticipate with a pre-order system. By testing collections before production with consumer feedback, brands forecast more accurately, narrowing the huge gap generated by endless discount cycles.  

The Story 

Founded in September 2018, VASQUIAT disrupted the fashion model that was already in place. Beginning with just 5 designers, by April 2019 there were over 80 from across the globe, selling their products on the online platform. During 2019 VASQUIAT expanded and established itself. Initially launching as a private club to maintain exclusivity, after a successful start, VASQUIAT transitioned to an online club open to all. By September 2019 they began offering in-season items at full price. The items which had been successful in per-order moved into in season to satisfy the needs of the customer. Although they now offer both in season and pre-order, pre-order still brings in most of the sales and has proven to be extremely successful thus far.  During the first year VASQUIAT sold to more than 30 countries with the majority of sales coming from Europe and the USA. With a large customer base in the USA, VASQUIAT hosted the first Pop-up store in New York in November 2019.  Itnig realized the recent success and saw great future potential in VASQUIAT and in December 2019 they closed the investment round with them.

Working with two leading creative agencies in Barcelona, Canada, and Flirt Studio, VASQUIAT produced and released its first digital media campaign video “She Knows”, directed by Rogelio Gonzalez. The campaign video successfully grasps the value proposition of VASQUIAT along with its style and disruptive nature, which is perfectly demonstrated. 

Since launching the new website earlier this year VASQUIAT has seen sales increase by more than 50% each month. Many new brands have joined VASQUIAT including, Christoper Kane, Paco Rabanne, Algheri, Anissa Kermiche to name a few.