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What we do

We want to invest in powerful teams with ambition and talent capable of making great business ideas come true and grow to become the next big thing.
We offer startups a place to work and grow. With more than 5000m2 of space, we provide affordable offices, meeting rooms, nice atmosphere, amenities, coffee and more!
We invite entrepreneurs, CEOs, and investors to have a talk about success stories, business and technology. We’re always looking to learn a thing or two from the most interesting people in the startup universe.
As active members of the startup and entrepreneurial community, we organize daily workshops, talks and networking activities where everyone can teach or learn and meet new people. You can either attend our events or host your own!

What we want

We want to create the products and services of the future. Our goal is to lead hyper-growing businesses and build a respectful and independent ecosystem and economy where our companies and people can collaborate, be stronger and grow faster.