Itnig is a startup builder

We build internet companies that aim at being first in class at what they do. We are an independent, private initiative creating future-defining products.

We enjoy change, we break things apart and we fight the status quo.

We understand software, marketing and business development. We are interested in the ins and outs of how things work. We look for doers who can answer the hows and the whys, and get stuff done all by themselves. We like execution. Ideas are OK, but we prefer people who can bring actual projects to life.

We work real hard. We think nothing can be achieved without great effort, and that is something that none of our startups will ever lack, as a principle.

We look for teams

We are looking for teams willing to start companies and commit, with or without an idea.

We look for potential CEOs, CTOs and CMOs for these companies who can embrace the challenges and risks of starting something from scratch, or from early. We do not care about age, origin, experience as long as they can demonstrate how they make things happen.

We are constantly looking for engineers, designers, marketers, business developers and other team members to join our growing startups. We are building a network that helps us find the best candidate for each position as fast as possible. And that is our top priority since day one.

We fund our startups

We are the first to invest in our startups with our own resources.

We do not follow-up investment rounds as itnig, but we encourage our partners, our affiliated business angels and funds to follow-up.

If you want to become an itnig co-investor drop us a line at with some insights about you, your investment criteria, your current portfolio, and the markets you are interested in participating. We will let you know when one of our projects fits your preferences.

We provide you with space, services, events and more

We provide our startups and teams with the best possible ecosystem to boost inspiration.

We have our offices in Poblenou@22, Barcelona. We offer value added services to our startups: accounting, legal, recruitment, design, bizdev, among others. We also organize events, beers, meetups, parties, workshops, debates, yoga, and many other things.

If you have something to teach us or discuss with us, do not hesitate to ping us:

Founded in 2011
160+ people in the ecosystem
70+ investors
6 startups

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