Itnig was founded in 2009 with the belief that technology without great interface design, product-driven growth, and well-planned business development is simply not enough, Itnig is a group of tech companies, an early stage investment fund, a coworking space, and a niche media outlet aiming at building and helping others build scalable products and services from the sunny city of Barcelona.


We aim to lead high-growth businesses and build an independent ecosystem and economy where our startups and teams can collaborate, become stronger, and grow faster.

Our vision

We want to create the products and services of the future. We want to build an independent, respectful startup ecosystem in Barcelona, Spain and Europe. We want to help entrepreneurs make the jump to solve hard technology problems. We want to provide knowledge, tools and funding to help startups grow massively.

Solving problems

While many people keep repeating “I have no ideas” all we see is people with pain waiting to be solved. We care about reachable niche markets that knowingly or not are suffering hard problems which can be solved in an extremely smart way by a balanced and talented small team!

350+ people in the ecosystem
70+ investors
6 startups
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