We are an independent, private initiative creating future-defining products. We enjoy change, we break things apart and we fight the status quo. We understand software, marketing and business development. We are interested in the ins and outs of how things work. We strive to master business development. Accepting risk is something that turns us on. Seriously. We enjoy change and we fight the status quo. We are filled with curiosity, energy, passion, and perseverance. We work hard. We think nothing can be achieved without great effort, and that is something that none of our startups will ever lack: hard work.

We look for talent.

We look for those who can answer the hows and the whys. We are constantly looking for engineers, designers, marketers, business developers, potential CEOs, CTOs and CMOs who can embrace the challenges and risks of starting something from scratch, or early-stage. We like the execution. Ideas are okay, but we prefer people who can bring projects to life. Endless hours invested in many projects from different sectors have made Itnig a talent hub.

350+ people in the ecosystem
70+ investors
6 startups
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