Hot desk

A coworking space for entrepreneurs in Barcelona

Hot desk

149€/month + IVA

Work within an environment of people just like you. Being part of our open community will engage you to work even harder. You will have no assigned desk so you can change spots everyday. This is the perfect option for those who have great ideas and need a space to work on them.
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Similar plans

Day pass

12,3€/day + IVA

10 Day pass

110,70 + IVA

  • Free unlimited speciality coffee from our Itnig Café
  • Free tea and filtered water
  • 4 hours of meeting rooms per month
  • Registered office address and post
  • Access to printer
  • Free access to all our events
  • We are pet friendly!
  • Yoga classes
  • Showers
  • Park your bike inside the office
  • Locker available for just 12€/month VAT not included
  • Once credit is finished, meeting rooms are available to rent at a cheaper rate
  • Opening times from 8h til 21h on weekdays. Weekend is available the Flexroom space unless there is an event.
  • You start paying the day you enter: if you start half month, you will pay for the days remaining in that month.
  • Quote is renewed automatically the first day of the month
  • To cancel it, you have to notify before the start of the following month.
  • No deposits necessary
  • Minimum stay of one month. This is a monthly membership.
Meeting Rooms

Locations you will have access to

Whether you're looking for a bustling community hub or a quiet space to focus, we've got you covered. Our locations include a vibrant cafeteria area and three different floors, each with its own distinct atmosphere and range of amenities.

Pujades 69

This new coworking space is located on the ground floor of an industrial building. It used to be a printer factory and before of that, a logistic company. We have kept all the original floors as well us the concret columns. Now is a mix of hot desk area and private offices. It is across the street to our Itnig Café, so it still very close to the best coffee in the quarter.

Pujades 100

This industrial building used to be a printer factory. It has now become a space that welcomes events, a coffee shop, and a private office. With its high ceiling and natural light from skylights, it’s the perfect space for working, hosting an event, or just enjoying a beer. It’s on the ground level, with its own terrace and lots of plants. The combination of wood and white concrete makes the space cozy and it gives a friendly and pleasant atmosphere. You can also chill on the couches and enjoy a foosball game or play ping pong at the afterworks.

Itnig café

We have partnered up with Syra Coffee because we trust they have the best coffee in the city. In this space, we offer delicious artisanal coffee and, for the hungry ones, we also have french pastries, sandwiches, and salads. Our coworkers enjoy unlimited coffee and it is on us. It became our usual coffee spot to work from and meet people, if it’s not already the case, it could become yours!