Our process of project selection


One of the key points in Itnig’s business model is the assessment of business ideas. We listen to many ideas, some of them we like, most of them we don’t. We tend to accept a vague percentage of the amount of projects we are presented every week. Today we will unveil the main points behind our criteria.

How do we go from a beer idea to a viable business? How do we recognize instantly a project bound for success from one doomed to fail?

At the same time, we will help entrepreneurs set the basis for a project. Here comes the usual steps for starting any internet based SaaS or transactional business:

  1. Finding out the opportunity and cheering friends and fools up to help you.
  2. Building your business canvas.
  3. Starting the machines, measuring and proving your model on the field.
  4. Getting the RIGHT funding for your project.
  5. Team up, get traction, scale smartly and go party!

What comes next is subject of another training.

This training is free and open to everyone interested in learning how to rationalize the process of building a business. All sorts of entrepreneurs, you are welcome. Our capacity is limited to 20 people, so please send us an email to [email protected] if you are interested in attending, and we’ll keep a warm seat for you.