The different types of Facebook Ads


Facebook Ads are a quite effective way of augmenting the visibility of a Facebook page, either by increasing the fans number or the traffic directed to our website. Lots of companies perform a poorly effective management of this tool, thus getting a poor return of investment.

In this talk, Carles Roca will explain the different types of Facebook Ads there are, the differences from Google Ads, and when is worth spending money on them based on the nature of every business.

It is very difficult to extract patterns from data reading, so it is strongly important to have someone at it in order not to throw away money. All kinds of settings and targeting wil be seen, including a summary on all the aspects that can affect on a Facebook Ad performance. Additionally, there will be some time dedicated to conversion measure rates and prices.

At the end, some tricks will be explained on how to have a good fan conversions and, exclusively, the Marphille Method© will be released.