Web analytics


In the social web every day it is generated thousands of mentions to trademarks. Companies face the challenge to collect and process all this information and incorporating in their business processes. What do you say? Says who? Where you say? And what impact does it have? Here are some questions to answer. The measurement of this activity is known as netnography, active listening, or simply monitoring the trademark. In recent years there have been different tools to track a brand or a specific topic, but still in an immature state. In this “Friday Training” we will know this area of ??web analytics and what is the “state of the art” besides knowing the background methodology used, the main tools and their limitations.

Francesc Gómez Morales (http://www.linkedin.com/in/francescgomezmorales) graduated in Physics and Master Degree in Material Science from the University of Barcelona. After years of combining teaching with research decided to dedicate himself to the Internet possibilities as an engine of change in organizations and business processes. He began working in the Third Sector, the Intervida nonprofit organization, living growth of the phenomenon of social networks and writes “The Little Book of the Social Networks.” In the private sector has worked Elogia, for two years focuses on the tools and solutions for “Social Intelligence”, advising companies such as SDG Consulting Datknosys or Nubalia. With other professionals of online reputation sector has created Enconexo (http://enconexo.com) which analyze the online reputation of brands and advise on this. He has recently started working with Itnig advising companies in the group.