Enhancing your development toolset


How many times a day do you switch from mouse to keyboard and viceversa? Do you still use BASH? Are you taking advantage of GIT or is GIT fooling you daily? In this talk I’ll show your how to dramatically boost your productivity just by enhancing your development toolset. You will learn many OSX tweaks* that get rid of stupid-proof features and give you an extra performance boost, alternative shells that will aid you and enrich your experience when working with the console, application launchers/window managers that will make you forget about your mouse and, finally, how to automate many of your GIT/GitHub development workflows*.

(*) The talk is primarely focused on the development of Rails apps on OSX but many of the tricks are also applicable to other OSes and languages. About Víctor

Víctor is a recreational hacker, head-banger and (mostly) Ruby programmer. He skates like a girl and was a lame climber time ago. He does crazy weird conceptual completly unuseful things nobody cares about™ so he needs to work for sane people in order to get some money. He fought security threats at Evolium, grew at random many Rails apps at NicePeopleAtWork, hacked (most) of the Wuaki.tv platform code and then left for playing ping-pong at Itnig.

Find him at:

GitHub: https://github.com/knoopx
Homepage: http://knoopx.net/