Analyzing the current life stadium of your organisation


Just like any being an organisation goes through different phases in its evolution. This Friday we are going to take a closer look at these stages: pioneering, differentiating, integrating and associating as Lievegoed / Glasl identify them. Using the evolutionary theory of these and other scientists as background, the changes a company goes through are explained.

Working in a start-up or being closely in contact with young, developing companies, we can observe changes everyday. But how do all these changes happen? With this presentation I hope to give you a tool to analyze the current life stadium of your organisation and to anticipate next phases.

Who is Bettina?

Bettina, a student of traditional Business & Economics, got attracted to the online world while doing a field research in class some years ago. She is now leading the marketing department at Camaloon happily selling buttons. Before coming to Barcelona she lived in Berlin, working in Business Intelligence at PayPal and Paris, working with the german Content team for the search engine Twenga.