Improve your public speaking skills in 4 steps.


We are all used to speaking in front of an audience, composed of one or more persons. We do it every day, with our partner, family, colleagues at work or at home. But probably more than once happened to you that, while you are talking, you wonder: "do they hear me?", "are they bored? or "how can I convince them?".

To communicate is not just to open your mouth and articulate sounds. There are simple techniques to produce a clear and fluent speech, that will help you to make sure that your message reaches your interlocutor and that you are convincing the audience and making everyone remember you. Which are these techniques?

In this workshop we are going to learn them in 4 steps:

  • Everything you have to take into account before writing a speech.
  • How to structure the speech.
  • What content to use.
  • The presentation itself: body language, vocal variety and visual techniques.

The workshop will start by individually thinking in a speech that each of us would like to do. We will develop it throughout the session, with some theory tips and practical exercises. At the end of the workshop, you will have the opportunity (voluntarily) to present your speech in front of the group and receive constructive feedback to improve your skills.

In one hour you will learn how to give effective, persuasive and memorable presentations. Do not miss this workshop!