Microfinance as a tool to struggle against financial exclusion


Do not think that microfinance is something for financial experts that understand life through Excel... not at all! In fact, microfinance is much closer to household economics than a large majority believes... and that’s why all of us can easily understand what microfinance is about!

In our next itnig friday, Susana Balet will introduce to us these alternative ways of getting funds for entrepreneurs. She will speak about all these new financing opportunities from a marketing point of view, since that is her professional background.</p>

In general, microfinance is associated with developing countries, where it is a widespread tool that has contributed to drive economic development within socially and financially excluded communities. But financial exclusion also exists in developed countries, and it is a problem that has been strengthened by the crisis. Susana will explain to us how financial inclusion is possible by means of microfinance, not only in the third world, but also in the first one, where microfinancing entities are establishing themselves as a viable alternative to traditional banks.

Susana will also speak about the attitude adopted by the EU</b> on this subject and how the situation is in Spain: do microfinancing entities exist here?

If you want to know more about this alternative way of getting funds for entrepreneurs, come to our next itnig friday!