2.0 techniques to find the talent you need for your startup!


One of the keys for a startup to succeed is to have an executive team that solves the problems of everyday life, moving the company forward to develop the most valuable product or service to its customers. The skills needed to select this dream-team are not easy to acquire, and involve diverting attention and resources from the core activities of your startup.

On Friday February 8, we will offer you a workshop organized by Eureka-Startups and SNTalent. The event will start with Ivan Sala's speech, who will explain to us what are the keys to attract the best team for your startup. During the workshop we will go over the problems that entrepreneurs usually have to find the right people for their business, and how you can more easily choose the best professionals using 2.0. techniques.

After that, Francesc Hinojosa, Eureka-Startups' founder, will briefly present the new platform Eureka-List, a content marketing tool for startups to promote their news, items of interest, job offers, promotions and discounts on their products or services using Eureka-Startups as a communication channel.