Hands on Scala: Writing a REST API with JAX-RS in Scala.


Scala is a functional programming language that offers all the advantages of this paradigm taking also into account the paradigm of object orientation, which Scala also allows to use. As a bonus, Scala can take full Java libraries in an absolutely natural way, thus giving access to all the options available in Java, which is specially interesting in the open source world.

</p>In this talk, Jordi Pradel and Jose Raya will develop a small application using REST JAX-RS, the Java standard for developing REST applications, but with Scala language. Attendees will be invited to participate, either by helping one of the speakers developing the application or asking questions and giving input and feedback during the workshop.</p>

And how do we will do it? Obviously, with 100% functional and agile programming, using Test Driven Development and Behavior Driven Development. What could be better?