The importance of a Shareholders' Agreement when founding a startup.


A Shareholders' Agreement is a private contract that partners of any company sign to regulate certain situations that, by their nature, are not covered by the Articles of Association. The objective is to avoid conflicts and anticipate possible problems and frictions arising between partners and/or third parties. Therefore it is important to specify what terms and conditions are covered by that agreement.

In our next itnig friday, Josep Navajo will talk about the importance of signing a Shareholders' Agreement to start a business project. Josep will explain at what point it should be signed and what essential clauses it must contain to protect each partner against other partners and third parties.

We will also discuss different assumptions such as: what happens if my partner leaves the project?, who provides labor and/or money to the firm in that case?, would I blur if a new investor enters?, can I sell my shares?, drag along?, etc.

If you are starting a business project, don’t miss this itnig friday!You will learn all you need in order to avoid loose ends in your Shareholders' Agreement. So, join us next friday!