Online Performance Marketing: come and learn FOR FREE!


Online Performance Marketing is the result of a strategy whose objective is to bring users to action: Click, Subscribe, Buy, Repeat a Purchase, Share with Friends...

To any of these actions, the advertiser sets a goal (cost per action) in order to get a positive return on investment. Once the goal is set, you have to do media planning and decide which format and design you want for your online marketing campaing. This whole set-up will be modified if necessary to achieve the defined goals.

In our next itnig friday, Marta Sánchez will talk about her experience in Online Performance Marketing and how, thanks to the measurement and analysis capabilities of the Internet, once launched, the campaign begins a cyclical process in which:

  • We collect information.
  • We decide what to enhance and what to discard.
  • We decide to change (or not) the plan.

The circle closes with creative tests, targeted messages depending on user behavior, etc.

In short:Test. Learn. Decide. Test …

Want to know more? Come to learn with us about Online Performance Marketing in our next itnig friday!