Why is Lean Startup Important? Challenges & Obstacles


You don’t know what Lean Startup is about? Have you seen any video or read the book (or are you reading it now?!) but still don’t get how it could apply to your day by day work? Then do not miss next Lean Meetup at itnig!

Lean Startup is about doing what matters for your business in the right moment, by taking measures and prioritizing your work. It is a transversal method that applies to every action taken within a company, including any decision and its execution. But every case is different. Every startup has its business model and is in a different phase. And we can't forget that each company has its own culture and every person has his or her unique habits.

In this 20 minutes talk, based on her experience mentoring founders and teams, Veronica Torras will talk about the challenges, obstacles and the real meaning of the Lean Startup approach and how you can apply it and start dealing with it within your company.

Note: If the 90 seats are gone, book a place in the waiting list!