Being "public" on the Internet is everything.


The power of digital identity is transforming relationships. The digital identity forces us to not hide and leads us to public exhibition. Far from being negative, being "public" on the Internet multiplies our chances of being found and contacted, thereby multiplying the chances of achieving our goals.

In our next itnig friday, <a href='' target=”_blank”>Silvia Cobo</a> will explain how a good web presence strategy must include a digital identity, a website where you show who you are, what you do and where you can express your needs and desires. Furthermore, Silvia will introduce another concept to consider when it comes to digital identity: the personal brand. It takes a little longer to build it, but it doesn't depend on us as much as on what others see in us.

Being public is everything on the Internet. You just have to dare and you will discover a world of possibilities for your professional career. According to Silvia, networking is more effectively done offline, but online networking definitely serves to strengthen ties.

Want to learn more about digital identity and how to build your own personal brand online? Come to itnig next Friday, March 22.