Introduction to Programming


This first meetup of the Barcelona Code Heroes group at itnig aims to give complete beginners a thorough introduction to programming. Knowing how to program is becoming increasingly important, and many people are not fully aware of it. At itnig we believe that everyone should have some basic programming skills at least.

Therefore we encourage all non-programmers, whatever your profession is, to participate in this meetup. We will count on the Code Hero Harry Marshall, CEO of myFIVEby + Pegatin, who will teach us the following:

  • A small introduction and history to computers and programming.
  • The structure of a program.
  • Variables and their use.
  • Control structures and their use.
  • Functions.
  • Libraries.

If you want to stop being an illiterate in programming, come to this Code Heroes meetup! Feel free to bring your friends! :) And we look forward to seeing you all there!