Coding Dojo Meetup


It's time to meet again and have some Scala fun! What about a Coding Dojo?

That is a meeting where a bunch of coders get together to work on a programming challenge. They come to have fun together and to engage in deliberate practice in order to improve their skills.

This will a non-competitive meetup, where any skill level is welcome! As in the past Scala event, this session will be led by Jordi Pradel and Jose Raya, agile software developers and co-founders of Agilogy. You just need your laptop and be willing to program some algorithm in Scala from scratch. Some days before the meetup, Jordi Pradel will give you some directions to install an IDE and the needed tools to be ready on time (in case you need them).

Sounds a really interesting meetup, this Coding Dojo. Let’s do it! Join the Scala meetups at itnig!