What do we know about mobile marketing?


The future is mobile: more than 50% of mobile phone sold nowadays are smartphones, the costs of using internet on the phone are lower every day and people get online through mobile applications everywhere and anytime. Firms can’t have it easier to connect with their users. And they can launch advertising campaings ad-hoc thanks to geolocation. In spite of that, mobile marketing strategies are not well defined by firms yet.

Thanks to the proposal of Hugo Pibernat, IT independent consultant, a meeting to speak about mobile marketing will take place in itnig’s space. We will talk about what do we know about this topic, what works and what doesn’t, how to use mobile platforms for advertising campaigns, etc.

The format of this meetup will be a debate: Hugo will start with a 30 minute introductory talk, then the debate will start with his questions and any other question proposed by the audience. We will debate, answer questions and share thoughts about good practices, success examples and interesting failures.

Come along on Thursday, 11 April and spend a good time speaking about marketing at itnig!