Neuromarketing: are we irrational?


The traditional or ethnographic research, which serve to better understand consumers and their preferences, is improved by the neuromarketing techniques, that deepen their knowledge of the preferences bye entering in the people’s minds.

These neuromarketing techniques, that have come back in the XXI century after being abandoned since the late 60s, aim to use scientific technology to measure the psychological response to incentives, and thus detect how consumers make their decisions.

In our next itnig friday Carles Casanovas, telecommunications engineer and Director of the Development Business at La Caixa, will explain a practical solution that can help us segment consumers by emotions. Everything suggests that we humans act more by emotions than by rationality. That is why in traditional research we can get results in which the client says that he loves us, and than buy an alternative that is not ours. Is this rational?

If you want to learn more about the influence of emotions in your customer’s or user’s decisions, do not miss this itnig friday!