Develop stable & robust code with Unit Testig and TDD


Human beings, by definition, make mistakes. Consequently, any program computer we develop has defects, ie a different from expected behavior which is caused by a defect or bug. The Unit Testing and Test Driven Development (TDD) are programming practices which objective is to test software in order to reveal bugs. By extension, these practices allow us to have a robust program and quickly obtain feedback on its behavior, increasing productivity.

In our next itnig friday, Francisco Raya, EyeOS responsible development, will talk about these issues: he will explain from scratch how to make a good Unit Testing and a good TDD, which is based on the idea of developing tests, code and refactor the code constructed. The talk will be introductory and technical. With Francisco we will see what are the basic patterns of testing and the basic principles of object-oriented development tools.

If you want to learn about these agile software development practices, do not miss our next itnig friday!