Privacy by Design in the Big Data Age


The aims of this talk led by Victor Roselló, lawyer and entrepreneur, is to introduce to the audience the legal needs involving the processing of personal data, when using Big Data in an institution or company.

This is due to the need for implementing high standards of privacy, from the data processing system’s design to the moment when the system is accessible. These requirements are set out in the proposed new European Regulation on Data Protection (submitted in January 2012) which includes, among its many previsions, the concept of Privacy by Design and by Default.

These previsions, known in other jurisdictions such as in Canada or in the U.S., will be a reality in Europe with the approval of that Regulation.

After the talk you will have the opportunity for a 15 minute private legal assessment with our lawyers from Delvy. If you are interested, write an email to [email protected] to reserve your 15min session for free! The whole session will last 90 minutes. Hurry up if you don't want to miss the chance!