Technology Round Table: What is and what is not BIG DATA?


Big Data is about to be a “buzzword”. Since a few months it seems to be everywhere. Is it not enough to talk about Databases or Business Intelligence like we have been doing until today? What has exactly changed so that we need a new point of view to talk about all this stuff? In this round-table we will explore the main differences between this Big Data “new wave” and the previous approaches focused on analytics or business intelligence: the volume of data, its generation speed and the variety of sources.

This round table will be moderated by Francesc Gómez, CMO at itnig, and the speakers are:

  • David Sánchez, Founder of The Data Republic and co-founder of Tuitele
  • Marc de Palol, Software Developer at Midokura
  • Jordi Torres, Professor at UPC Barcelona Tech & Research Manager at Barcelona Supercomputing Center
  • Ricard de la Vega, Repositories & Portals Service Manager at CESCA
  • Ramon Roca, President at Fundació

This is the Technology Round Table we have organized in order to be present at the BIG DATA Conference, a serie of six round tables which are taking place in the Media-TIC building from 10am to 8pm. You can check the programme for the whole day here. This Conference is for free and tickets are limited. So, hurry up and get yours!