Special guest: Ash Maurya, "The Art of the Scientist"


We are happy to announce that the star guest of our next Lean Startup Circle event is <a href='http://www.ashmaurya.com' target=”_blank”>Ash Maurya</a>! Next Tuesday April 30th he will give us a summary talk and some key ideas plus Q&A about his current second workshop: "The art of the scientist".

Ash is an entrepreneur who, after launching many products, has been constantly searching for the better way to build them. He ran into Lean Startup ideas and Steve Blank’s lectures on Customer Development in late 2009, and is author of the book “Running Lean”, where he shares his own testing & adaptation of these ideas.

He says "life is too short for building something nobody wants". So his obsession is to find a practical way to systematically de-risk a business idea through a serie of conversations and experiments.

His focus are identifying hypothesis (one by one and starting with the riskiest one) knowing what you need to learn, preparing conversations (problem interview and solution interview) and building experiments to test the most important assumptions of the business.

He is coach and mentor for entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, academia and accelerators around the world. He teaches a workshop every month and has been invited to various interviews and conferences.

This will be his second time in Barcelona, after last summer’s workshop ”Raise Your Odds Of Building a Successful Product”

Don’t miss this new chance to hear Ash Maurya live in Barcelona!