Agile Analytics - From data overload to data evidence


Everybody talks about data. Even Harvard Business Review dedicated its frontpage to Big Data recently. In the recent years, there has been an explosion of technologies aimed at making the most of the huge amounts of data that populate the digital world. Adobe, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Linkedin,... all of the most advanced companies of the digital age have data as a core asset.

However, when we look at other companies, it is almost impossible to find real examples of how they benefit from the collection and analysis of data. Big or small, companies sure have lots of data, but how do they use it? Is it actually any useful?

In our next itnig friday, Pere Rovira will present his ideas around "agile analytics", an approach to using data in pragmatic and useful way. Less data, more action.

That said, it only remains to add that you can not miss this itnig friday!