How to seduce a VC with data and no bullshit?


What an arduous task to get funding for any startup! That’s why we have decided to invite Luis Martin Cabiedes, partner at Cabiedes & Partners, to our next itnig friday.

Given that his VC has invested in projects like trovit, BlaBlaCar, Tiendeo or Zyncro, among many others, it will be more than interesting to know what key metrics Luis has in mind when assessing a startup and what determines his decision to invest on it or not.

After revealing us his selection criteria, this friday will continue with a relaxed talk/interview between Luis and Francesc Gómez-Morales, CMO at itnig. Of course your interventions and contributions will be more than welcome!

So, if you want to know once and forever how to seduce a VC and get your startup the funding it needs, join us at itnig on Friday, May 31! Great Friday afternoon assured!