Augmented Reality in Exhibition Environments


Augmented Reality (AR) technologies are being applied to countless applications. One can find AR in commercial spots, T-shirts, furniture catalogues and a large etcetera.

In our next itnig friday, Xavi Suau, co-founder at FEZOO, will talk about using AR in large exhibitions, and how AR can help both catching the visitor's attention, and also act as an entry point to specific content of the exhibition.

Xavi’s talk will focus on the AR application FEZOO has developed for the Mobile World Centre permanent exhibition (Pl. Catalunya), showing an online demo during the presentation. He will provide some insights on interaction with designers, after the enriching experience FEZOO had when developing the MWC environment in collaboration with the company EXITDESIGN.

If you want to know more AR applications and its thousend uses beyond showing 3D models on a screen, join us next friday at itnig!