Animate Your World with GIFs and @jordiromero


An animated GIF is a graphic format that was created in 1987 by Compuserve to download large images in a reasonable time.

Besides its use for the creation of advertising banners, animated GIFs became popular as a means of humorous expression of any public event or current moment of the everyday life, thanks to a format that is supported by almost all browsers and the immediacy of its code.

In this itnig friday, we will explore in detail with Jordi Romero why animated GIFs are so wonderful. Jordi is the current Chief GIF Officer at itnig and he knows of what he speaks, having previously worked as CGO with Teambox. He will explain us how to distinguish a good GIF from a fabulous one, and what is the ultimate epic GIF. We will also learn how to create them using different types of tools.

If you want to know more about this new form of art, which many call the internet graffiti, tag along on Friday June 21 in itnig