The Law of Accelerating Returns Explained by @marcoaattisani


Assuming progress follows a linear path is the worst mistake an entrepreneur can make.

Nowadays incremental developments and marginal increases in meeting customer needs are not enough. If you want to create disruptive businesses you need to go "sci-fi". Visionary entrepreneurs are those that can foresee the next set of paradigms upon which new businesses and future start-ups will thrive. Only this type of entrepreneur will shape the socio-economical environment for billions of potential customers in the future.

During this itnig friday, Marco Attisani, founder and CEO at Kleandex, will explain how the law of accelerating returns applies to the evolution of technological paradigms and how this dramatically changes the way we live and prosper.

We will discuss how the progress in artificial intelligence, robotics, infinite computing, ubiquitous broadband networks, digital manufacturing, nano-materials, synthetic biology, and many other exponential growth technologies that will enable humanity to make greater gains and create wider wealth in the next twenty years than we have in the previous two hundreds.

This itnig friday is for visionary start-uppers. Wanna join?